GOLD: A Celebration of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team

In Gold, dynamic photographs capture the spirit that led to the triumph and glory of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team, images that transcend their frozen moment in time by allowing us to recall the energy and excitement of those magical days in Lake Placid. Then, through personal thoughts and quotes gathered more than thirty years later, we are allowed a glimpse into the minds of the young American men who carried the nation to new heights. We come to know how those experiences shaped these men and their perspectives on life, culture and history.

Gold is not a play-by-play account of hockey games played decades ago, nor is it a narrative crafted from the point of view of any one player or commentator. It is, rather, an insightful recounting of a very special moment in the history of sports. It is a series of thoughts and reflections that define the meaning of those games, of those times, as told by those who were the closest to the action: the players themselves. Their thoughts, and those of sportscaster Al Michaels in his Introduction and  President Jimmy Carter in his Afterword, cast this event in an important new light. While the players and the culture have changed drastically in the years since 1980, the recollection of those days remains as sharply focused as ever. Gold reveals how the tremendous cultural impact of that particular Olympic victory still resonates with us, articulating clearly just what that moment in the nation’s history really meant.

Gold is a hand-crafted, fine press book published by Legacy Editions, a sister imprint of 21st Editions. It is meticulously printed in a very small edition of only 100 copies. 74 copies are numbered and 26 copies are lettered (and not offered for sale). Each book is personally signed by the members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. $3000